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Finally, a wearable for women who don't want to get murdered
A new wearable called Ōnee, advertised as "the buddy system, reinvented," is sold in pairs to sets of BFFs so that they can send distress signals to each other while at opposite ends of a party or bar. To discuss this oddly marketed product, which has a good idea at its core, we brought together some of Circuit Breaker's women. Kaitlyn Tiffany: Hi, Ashley! Quick highly personal question: have you ever been getting ready to attend a party and thought, "I hope I don't get murdered?" But you didn't actually think it or say it, it was just really strongly implied as a possibility? Ashley Carman: Isn't that most Friday nights for women? Kaitlyn: Sure, I suppose the threat of murder or assault by a man generally hangs over most of my days.... Continue reading…
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