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Runkeeper now lets you track workouts iPhone-free with Apple Watch Series 2 GPS
Runkeeper's latest update lets you track outdoor workouts using the embedded GPS in Apple Watch Series 2. This lets you leave your iPhone behind for capturing your route and accurately measuring your workout.The app supports four workout types when using Apple Watch Series 2 without an iPhone: running, walking, cycling, and other.Runkeeper gives the Apple Watch Series 2 more of a dedicated sports watch feel with its activity screen during workouts. During cycling, for example, Runkeeper presents a GPS status indicator on Apple Watch Series 2 that uses bars to present signal strength.Apple's built-in Workout app favors simplicity over displaying signal strength. During my initial Apple Watch Series 2 testing, I found outdoor workouts in some locations to map poorly or not at all. Runkeeper's GPS strength bars could help you avoid low-signal areas before logging.
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