Zamen | زامن
Rediscovering a love of music with HomePod, HomeKit, and neon
When Apple announced HomePod during last year's WWDC, I observed the introduction with only passing interest. Music had taken a back seat in my life. While I was fascinated by HomePod's design, I never thought that I'd end up with one on my desk several months later. From cassette tapes to CD players and iPods to iPhones, I cherished my small music library since being taught to appreciate the art as a young child. I was thrilled when the introduction of Apple Music in 2015 opened the doors to a new world of music discovery, expanding my tastes and collection. Unfortunately, through a series of changes to my routines and lifestyle, I fell out of love with music. I stopped discovering new artists, and my Apple Music subscription lapsed. When I could listen to music, it was often limited to ad-filled FM radio. By the time AirPods were released in late 2016, I was distanced enough to skip buying a set altogether, despite my colleagues holding the headphones in high regard After passively observing HomePod's introduction, I put it out of my mind. But weeks later, I came back to Apple's website to look at the speaker again. And again. By the time January rolled around and HomePod's release date was announced, I knew I'd be pre-ordering one. In the interim, I tested out the Sonos One. While its sound quality was impressive, the Sonos apps for iOS and macOS felt old and frustratingly detached from the rest of the experience. If anything, I was even more intrigued to try Apple's approach.
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