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Facebook's Michael Booth answers our questions about VR social networks
At Oculus Connect conference yesterday, we got a glimpse of what Facebook was after when it got into virtual reality: a VR environment where you can feel like you're hanging out in the same physical space as your friends, complete with realistic body language and emotional responses. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in virtual reality with some of his colleagues to play cards, travel to a simulation of Mars, and hold a video call with his wife.One of those colleagues was Michael Booth, Facebook's product manager for social VR. Booth comes from the world of game development, but what he's helping to build now isn't just a Facebook-owned massive multiplayer VR game — it's a new place that's eventually supposed to connect to every part of the social network, for all its billion-plus users. After the keynote, we asked him a few questions about how that might work.
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