Zamen | زامن
Noctis9 adds a dark mode to many transparent interfaces in iOS
Many iPhone and iPad users have wanted some kind of dark mode setting for ages, and the energy was even more hyped up after Apple debuted dark mode on macOS for the first time That's where a new jailbreak tweak called Noctis9 comes in, as it brings a system-wide dark mode to various transparent elements of iOS, including, but not limited to Control Center and 3D Touch menus. This tweak is a long shot from full-blown night mode tweaks like Eclipse and Nightmode9, since they theme all of your apps too, but because this tweak focuses more on the transparent aspects of iOS, it might be cool to combine them together for a richer dark iOS experience. Noctis9 also darkens the volume HUD, application dock, and application folders, all of which are typically a light-colored blur in terms of background color. The effects of more interfaces, including the HUD and dock, are seen in the examples below:
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