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Poll: Is your iPhone 7 or iOS 10 device experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues?
As Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have started to reach more customers, we've been getting more and more reports that users are facing a multitude of issues when pairing with their Bluetooth devices. With every iOS and iPhone release, issues are bound to arise.Though one that stems on the wireless future that Apple has so courageously laid out makes this one all the more impactful. A majority of the reports appear to be coming from users with in-car Bluetooth systems, but we're also hearing users facing issues from frequently dropped connections, to devices that will show they're paired even when they're not. Are you seeing any of these issues on your devices?Once the first iPhone shipments arrived in customers hands, an inkling of vehicle Bluetooth connectivity issues started to arise. Users were saying they weren't getting the same experience as their previous devices, and even their previous iOS versions.One reader forwarded a conversation he had with both Apple and BMW's support teams and both seemingly directed him to the other. BMW's team had eventually told him to keep an eye on and on Apple for iOS updates.Apple's own Support Community has multiple threads with users facing Bluetooth issues, all seeking further understanding as to what's occurring. The threads indicate users are having issues with calls, skipping while playing music, and even completely disconnecting (even though the car shows it is still connected).From another of our readers:
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