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Neil Young is turning Pono into a high-res music streaming service
Neil Young's quixotic quest for glorious mobile audio seems to be shape-shifting into something more practical than the Pono player but only modestly less difficult of a sell.Young is working to start up a Pono streaming service that will focus on high-resolution music that can be streamed to a phone, he tells Rolling Stone. “We're gonna re-emerge as a streaming service and a high-res download offer,” he said during an interview. “We provide the best that's available. Full resolution music, great sounding music.”It's not clear exactly how far along the Pono team is right now. Young says that Pono is still setting up partnerships to get streaming rights. It's also working with another company to “maintain” the music's “quality level” when streaming to something like the iPhone, which doesn't have the hardware needed to faithfully recreate high-res recordings.
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