Zamen | زامن
Apple Watch, New Year's resolutions, and losing 50 pounds
Last New Year's Day I decided to start eating healthy, exercising daily, and filling the Activity Rings on my Apple Watch as a way to get in shape. I broke my New Year's resolution by January 4, but I started again on April 1 and ultimately lost over 50 pounds in 2016.Apple Watch didn't lose the weight for me — it took a lot of dedication and really changing my lifestyle — but the fitness tracking features and Apple's Activity app helped quantify my effort without me doing too little or going overboard.Apple Watch has absolutely been an effective motivational coach that has pushed me toward my goal of being more active. Below I'll detail my experience and share some of what I've learned along my journey.Apple Watch Activity Rings show you Move, Exercise, and Stand. Move is how many active calories you've burned based on heart rate data, Exercise is how many minutes your heart rate has been elevated from an activity as simple as a brisk walk, and Stand is how many times you've stood up and moved around for at least one minute of any hour.Move, Exercise, and Stand are represented by three rings that close when you complete a goal. Move is a customizable goal that you can change at any time, Exercise is a fixed 30-minute goal but you don't have to workout all at once, and Stand takes 12 different hours to complete.Activity Rings as visual indicators of my progress throughout each day have been super effective for me. I've tried other fitness trackers before but nothing has proved as friendly and motivational as Apple Watch.
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