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Mozilla Makes Private Browsing Simple With Firefox Focus
Firefox Focus is a special version of Mozilla's popular web browser that is dedicated to speed and privacy. It offers blocking of trackers that could otherwise compromise your device's performance and your online security. It also features a readily accessible button for erasing your browsing sessions instantly — no menus, just one tap. Firefox Focus has blocking measures in place to keep various types of trackers at bay. Perhaps more notably, it offers an always-visible, one-tap solution to erasing your browsing sessions. It also extends its ability as a content blocker to Safari, if you'd rather use Apple's default web browser on iOS. Given the aggressive tracking carried out by some publishers and advertisers, not to mention the likelihood of hacking incidents, it pays to practice constant vigilance when it comes to web browsing. You want to protect your privacy at all times, but you also want a browsing experience that is fast and easy. This is where Firefox Focus comes in, with its comprehensive content blocking and its easy-to-access button for instantly erasing browsing sessions. Get Firefox Focus: The privacy browser in the App Store Read Mozilla Firefox lets you Focus on what matters while browsing Safari Get Firefox web browser in the App Store
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