Zamen | زامن
Spinn coffee thinks it's better than pods, but who is really above pods?
Pod tech creates both the worst and most encouraging gadgets. Tortilla pods? Dumb, but probably useful. Cookie pods? Insulting, but likely tasty. We all know that pod tech has its roots in the OG of pod machines: the Keurig. But now, a company called Spinn wants you to know that it too can make a convenient single-serving cup of coffee, without using wasteful, expensive pods. The Spinn coffee machines vary in size but all are marketed as the future of coffee because they take whole beans, grind them, heat them, and brew them without any human interaction or plastic waste. Take that, pods. Spinn connects to a companion iOS / Android app over Wi-Fi so users can specify how they want their coffee done, or schedule a cup ahead of time, although this can also be done directly from the machine or through Alexa voice commands. Spinn can make a shot of espresso, or even a latte in its larger machines that come with milk steamers. The app also connects coffee drinkers with local roasting companies to order beans directly.
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