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Phil Schiller again breaks down why new MacBook Pro is limited to 16GB RAM, citing battery & logic board design
The new MacBook Pros have been met with a wide array of responses thus far, with some praising the new machines and others viewing them as a step back for a variety of reasons. One common question since the announcement of the new models, however, has centered around why the machines max out at 16GB of RAM.While Phil Schiller originally penned this limitation on battery life concerns, a new email from the Apple executive offers a bit more insight as to the reasoning…Ben Slaney of MacDaddy published a detailed breakdown of the MacBook Pro's RAM limitation, which prompted a response from Schiller himself.In an email, Schiller explained that in addition to battery concerns, using 32GB of RAM would have required a different logic board design that could affect space allotment for other internals, such as the battery:
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