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17 months later, Gmail gains a single 3D Touch shortcut
Google today refreshed its mobile Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on App Store, adding very limited 3D Touch support nearly a year and a half after Apple first brought pressure sensing to iPhone's display with the September 2016 release of iPhone 6s.Owners of the iPhone 6s/7 series can now press Gmail's icon to quickly compose a message, but that's about it. Thank you, Google, but seriously?In my view, Google doesn't really have a clue how to properly build 3D Touch gestures into Gmail in a manner that would save users time and boost their productivity.The app still lacks Peek and Pop gestures., but we'll get those next year, right?If you don't see the new shortcut after pressing Gmail's icon, try force-quitting the app or disable then re-enable 3D Touch in Settings → General → Accessibility → 3D Touch. Note that you won't see the shortcut if you don't have any email account set up within the app.Prior Gmail updates have enabled other features and enhancements.TUTORIAL: How to create email rules via filtering in Gmail for iPhoneOne of the enhancements introduced in a recent update that I really like is that the signature you created in Gmail's web interface now appears in your sent messages unless a mobile signature has been set up.
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