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'Jurassic GO - Dinosaur Snap Adventures' Review - Prehistoric Pokemon Snap
There aren't enough games like Pokemon Snap in the world -- there just aren't, even though it was released nearly 20 years ago. I'd like to think that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are sitting on the concept, ready with a tiny hammer to smash a glass container somewhere with the code for a mobile edition, but we aren't there yet. Instead, we'll have to deal with the various "tourist" and survival sandbox games we have now, which get us ever closer to that fully realized open world Snap many of us long for. Thankfully, Jurassic Go - Dinosaur Snap Adventures [$3.99] is helping us get one step closer. Don't get too excited, Jurassic Go is still on rails, but it's delightful, and manages to forge its own personality that doesn't lead it into knockoff territory. The gist is that you're called upon as an ace photographer to take photos of a "Dino Museum," spanning multiple islands and locales. There's no over-arching story, no "oh my goodness, evil forces are taking over" shtick -- it's just a cute setup and an excuse to take lots of cool pictures of weird creatures.
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