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Best games for Apple Watch
Can't or don't want to pull out your phone? Play on your wrist! Apple Watch is cool — just plain cool. There are myriad things that we can now do by tapping the gorgeous device on our wrists, and while productivity is the name of the game, a little fun once in a while never hurt anyone! Let's be real: You're not gonna find a fully immersive gaming experience for Apple Watch, but you will find some excellent time wasters. Here are the best games you can play on your Apple Watch! Note: You'll have to download all of these on your iPhone first, and in many cases, you'll have to play a bit or sign in/open them on your iPhone before you can play on your Apple Watch. Pokémon Go!LifelineRules!Trivia CrackField DayLetter ZapSnappy WordBox PopRuneblade
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