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OnePlus 3T review: rapid iteration
Inexpensive smartphones have always been about compromise. You may save a few hundred dollars over an iPhone, Galaxy S, or other high-end phones, but you have to give up something, whether that's performance, build quality, camera quality, display, software experience, or any combination of those. This year, there have been many Android phones that challenge that convention, and none flipped it on its head more than the OnePlus 3, released in June. The OnePlus 3 retailed for just under $400, significantly less than a high-end $700 Samsung or Apple phone. Despite that price, it had the fastest processor available to Android phones, premium build quality and design, and a cruft-free software experience. Compromises were few and far between and you really had to dig to find them: no support for CDMA networks such as Verizon or Sprint, and no water resistance, which has become a headline feature of high-end smartphones recently. The OnePlus 3 was easily the best value, best-balanced smartphone to arrive this year.
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