Zamen | زامن
Watch the 'Minecraft' Add-Ons and Plugins Panel from Minecon 2016
As we wrote a few days ago, Mojang announced at Minecon 2016 that Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99] is finally getting Add-Ons, which the developers see as the first step towards the game getting greater levels of customization by letting you mess around in ways you couldn't before. Just in case you forgot, this is all going to be part of the Boss Update, or 0.16, coming October 18th. Right after the panel, Mojang posted a very short video that talked about how add-ons can change mobs in various ways. That video was a very brief taste of what's to come, but now Mojang has posted the full panel video online that shows these add-ons in action, and it's pretty fun.
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