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Plex Uses Amazon Drive to Put Plex Media Server in the Cloud
Plex has announced Plex Cloud, a new premium offering that puts the Plex Media Server in the cloud and uses Amazon Drive to store your files. So what is Plex Cloud? For the first time, you get a full-featured1 Plex Media Server in the… er… cloud. But the important thing is that you no longer need to worry about it! Plex Cloud is always on and accessible. We take care of all the annoying stuff like software updates and power bills. Our Cloud Elves (that's totally a thing) have even worked a little bit of magic to bring you all the sweet, sweet transcoding capability usually reserved for more powerful home servers (or as the Cloud Elves call them: “closet warmers”). That covers the server, but what about storage? It's easy, you simply connect your own Amazon Drive account to store your media.
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