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'Congresswolf' Review - When Are They Going to Get to the Werewolf Factory?
Our culture's fiction has a fascination with werewolves. We've explored what it would be like to be an American werewolf tourist in Europe, what it would be like to have a werewolf Michael J. Fox, what it would be like to have a werewolf boyfriend, what it would be like to have a werewolf boyfriend who competes with our vampire boyfriend but then ends up being the boyfriend of our daughter instead, and so on. But I feel we could be doing a better job of digging into the fascinating subject of what it would be like to have a werewolf member of congress, a niche I was hoping Congresswolf [Free], a recent gamebook release from Choice of Games, would fill.Written by Ellen Cooper, Congresswolf establishes a world where werewolves are real and discriminated against by the rest of society. It's an obvious expy for any number of socially marginalized groups in our real society, and to that end, most of the werewolves you're going to meet are protestors who are not wolfing out all that much when you run into them. There's a subplot that explores the mythical side of werewolves more, but it ends up being a minor sideshow for the real plot of the game. Don't come here looking for a werewolf story with political elements. This is a story about politics that happens to have a few werewolves stalking about. You play as a campaign manager for a candidate for congress in the months leading up to the election. A renegotiation of werewolf rights is one of the issues at stake, but only one of several considerations you need to keep an eye on.
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