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Tim Cook calls AirPods a ‘cultural phenomenon' at shareholders meeting, says Apple will ‘do more in the pro area'
Apple held its annual shareholders meeting at its headquarters in Cupertino today where top lawyer Bruce Sewell and CEO Tim Cook fielded questions and comments from investors. Nine proposals were detailed and voted on in total, followed by the re-approval of each board member. Cook also fielded some interesting questions including one on Apple making a round dumb phone with smart features and Apple's plans to do more in the pro space…The meeting opened with Cook telling attendees that it would be the last to take place in Town Hall at 1 Infinite Loop. Apple Park opens in April for employees so next year's shareholders meeting will take place at Steve Jobs Theater at the new headquarters.Nine proposals were detailed including five investor proposals and four company proposals. Investors proposed various changes including mandating diversity actions at the executive level for the third year in a row and changing how executives are compensated, but only Apple's own proposals were approved.As expected, Apple's board members including former Vice President Al Gore and current Disney CEO Bob Iger were re-approved.
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