Zamen | زامن
Side Scrolling Shooter 'The Bug Butcher' Is Finally Set to Crawl Onto the App Store on October 20th
Bugs always seem to be victims of video games, from many different perspectives. You have the literal development cycle, whereby iOS apps are (hopefully) purged of software bugs before release, which gets even more meta when you take something like Game Dev Story [$4.99] - is this bug-ception? Regardless, it's set to get even worse for bugs, but this time in the literal, creepy-crawly sense. The Bug Butcher is a side scrolling shooter which sets your suited protagonist on a path of insect genocide, as you must navigate thirty levels and five brutally difficult boss fights of pure pest extermination. The Bug Butcher looks beautiful in action and a whole lot of fun, so I cannot wait to play it when it makes the transition to iOS on October 20th.
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