Zamen | زامن
'Hearthstone' Nerfing Yogg-Saron, Tuskarr Totemic, Call of the Wild, and Many Others
If you were one of the many complaining about the current state of the Hearthstone [Free] meta and, specifically, about a number of problematic cards, this announcement should make you quite happy (although you can never please everyone). Blizzard has decided to jump in and make some drastic changes to Basic and Classic cards, which are the core of the Standard set, and these changes are going to change quite a few decks. But first, let's start with the biggest change of them all, Yogg-Saron's nerf. While its stats and battlecry remain the same, if while it's doing its whole spell casting thing the card gets destroyed, silenced, transformed, or returned to its owners hand, the spell casting ends. This is a pretty big change because there are many spells that can have one of the those effects on Yogg-Saron, so hopefully this will make the card less of an auto-include.
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