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Apple CEO Tim Cook was considered by Hillary Clinton as US Vice President pick according to leaked emails
As the US Presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton continues to reel from daily deluge of emails released from Campaign Chairman John Podesta via Wikileaks, we're finding a number of topics related to Apple and specifically its CEO Tim Cook.Today's installment is probably worth noting. It has Cook listed as a possible VP candidate pick by Podesta along with many other political, business and tech luminaries seen below.The list is a ‘first cut' and it is unclear at this point how far through the process Cook made it, or more importantly if he'd even want the job, for that matter. Cook fundraised for Hillary Clinton last month but is also working with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. In other Podesta emails, Clinton campaign questioned Cook's political acumen and also waded into the FBI Encryption debate.Ultimately, Clinton tapped Virginia US Senator Tim Kaine for the job, a vanilla pick if you will, but don't rule out Cook for any future roles in the White House just yet. Back in July, the New York Times reported that if elected, Clinton could recruit the Apple CEO to serve as the first openly gay cabinet secretary (without specifying which specific role).
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