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TweetMuter lets you hide tweets from your timeline based on keywords
If you're a Twitter user and you're always finding stuff in your Twitter timeline that you could really care less about, then you might like a new free jailbreak tweak called TweetMuter by Tanner Bennett.This tweak utilizes the existing Muted Words feature in the stock Twitter app, a feature that normally only applies to your notifications tab; but TweetMuter expands this functionality to even your timeline so that you don't have to mute people entirely, nor will you have to un-follow people to stop seeing only certain things.The tweak works pretty good for a myriad of things, such as eliminating your timeline of everyone's annoying-as-hell political drama, as well as helping to clear your timeline of spam and other unwanted updates.The way it works is simple; when you're ready to mute a specific word or phrase from your Twitter timeline completely, you follow these steps:1) Go to the in-app settings in Twitter.2) Open the Notifications preferences pane.3) Open the Muted words preferences pane.
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