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Google Home will be cheaper than the Amazon Echo, available in November
Google Home, the company's competitor to the Amazon Echo, is now available for preorder. It will cost $129, cheaper than Amazon's device. You can pre-order it today in the US and it will start shipping November 4th. In our brief testing it was a little smarter than Siri and a lot sharper than Alexa, able to understand context in a question and suss out information from around the web when Google's knowledge graph didn't have the answer.The top of Google Home is touch-sensitive and can be used to change the volume or pause whatever is playing.It has three speakers, Google calls them "extrusion speakers" although its not clear what that adjective means here. The overall sound quality is a little better than the Echo, but nothing you would replace a serious home sound system with. The device is white, and its design was apparently inspired by household items like candles and wine glasses. The bottom grill can be swapped out, and comes in multiple colors.
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