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Jimmy Iovine teases the ‘hybrid' future of Apple Music, praises Eddy Cue in new interview
Apple Music just received a major refresh with iOS 10, but Jimmy Iovine has said in the past that the team behind the service is still working to make everything perfect. In a new interview with Billboard, Iovine discussed the future of Apple Music, as well as the team behind it…First off, Iovine addressed the “story” of Apple Music and how it's much more than just a streaming service. He explained that his first inclination that the music industry and technology industry would become intertwined was when he met Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue in 2003. Iovine noted that he originally approached Jobs about partnering with Dr. Dre for headphones, but Jobs told him to do it himself.From there, Iovine built a team around him of Larry Jackson, Trent Reznor, and Luke Wood, as well as various other minds.
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