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Astro aims to fix your email mess with an AI chatbot
Do you want a chatbot to help you manage email overload? That's the question that Astro has to answer now that it's officially launching on iOS and the Mac. It's the simplest, quickest way to describe what Astro offers today. And when you put it that way, the answer is almost surely “no.” But Astro has bigger ambitions than just cramming a chat interface into your email. It has ambitions to become the default AI system that can talk to all of your work software. It's starting with email, but your calendar, sales software, task management suite, and all the rest are meant to come next. But to start, Astro simply presents itself as a straight forward email app that works well with both Exchange and Gmail — precisely the thing that umpteen, if not dozens of startups have tried before. For Astro, getting a native mail client across Macs and iPhones is just table stakes. But it has to get those stakes right where so many others have not. So let's start there. Grid View
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