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Premium Wireless Audio Gift Guide: a sound choice for the music lovers in your life
Some gifts are used for a while and then discarded. But if you want to buy a gift that someone will take pleasure from for years to come, there's no better choice for a music lover than some high quality audio kit.Price-wise, these are special gifts for the special people in your life, but I've kept things below the stratospheric levels you could reach with some full-on audiophile kit. Prices range from $200 to an admittedly eye-watering $1500 at the very top end of the speakers.So here are four headphones and three speakers that are likely to be greatly appreciated by any music lover …The big change this year, of course, was Apple choosing to abandon the headphone socket in the iPhone 7, dramatically boosting interest in wireless headphones. More and more people are also choosing to go wireless with their speaker systems too, so all my picks here are cable-free.Additionally, while tastes do vary, and I do include one Beats product, the majority of the kit included in this guide is focused on delivering accurate, neutral sound.Let's kick things off with headphones, before moving on to speakers …
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