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Stunning 3D Touch Shooter 'Cover Fire' Has Finally Launched Worldwide on the App Store
Back in November of last year, we brought you news of Cover Fire [Free], a particularly interesting on rails shooter that incorporated 3D Touch controls to distinguish it from the abundance of similar titles on the App Store. While the 3D Touch feature, which debuted on iOS with 2015's iPhone 6S, was particularly convenient productivity-wise as it let you use various shortcuts for many of the App Store's staple apps, it hasn't had as big an impact on mobile gaming as it perhaps should have. With the capacity for variable inputs based on how hard you touch the iPhone's touch screen, there is a lot of potential in 3D Touch as a future pillar of iOS applications. Cover Fire's use of gently tapping to aim and pressing hard to shoot is therefore extremely refreshing to see, and for this reason alone is worth trying out now it has today finally launched worldwide on the App Store for free.
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