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You can now play Pac-Man (sort of) on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar [Video]
If you've ever looked at those function keys on your MacBook and wished you could play Pac-Man there instead of controlling iTunes, today might be your lucky day. It's super limited considering the tiny display height, but someone has created a somewhat functional version of the arcade game Pac-Man on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.It's definitely not the most productive thing to do on the Touch Bar, but it's a fun proof of concept. The free game can be downloaded from GitHub — you just need a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to play it.After installing, Pac-Man can be played on the Touch Bar when it's the most recently opened app (Touch Bar only shows the current app so apps can't take it over when multitasking). Basic arrow keys (up, down, left, right) let you control Pac-Man's navigation, and tunnels loop around to create a super tiny world for gameplay.
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