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How the Pixel's software helped make Google's best camera yet
The verdict is in on Google's impressive new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, and one of the bright spots is the camera. We'll have an in-depth comparison between the Pixel, the Galaxy S7, and the iPhone 7 very soon, and in our full review Dieter Bohn says "if you wanted to agree with Google and call this the best smartphone camera, I wouldn't argue with you.""The results on the Pixel are very, very good," says Dieter. "I put it in the same ballpark as the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 in most situations, which is not something I expected to say going in."Clearly, this is by far the most competitive Google has ever been in mobile photography. But the Pixel phones, on paper, don't have cutting-edge hardware, relying on an f/2.0 lens without optical image stabilization. Instead, and in typical Google fashion, Google has turned to complex software smarts in order to power the Pixel camera. I spoke with Marc Levoy, a renowned computer graphics researcher who now leads a computational photography team at Google Research, about how software helps make the Pixel camera as good as it is.
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