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Alto makes a top-contending leather case for most iPhone models
Over the last few weeks, we have shown you a number of the top leather case brands for iPhones, but another that we feel deserves attention is Alto Hand-crafted with fine Italian leather, Alto cases are subtly formed out of what feels like surreal perfection. If you're one to judge products closely, and every bit of quality matters to you, then Alto's attention to detail is likely to impress. Amid all of the leather cases you have to choose from out there, Alto just might be one of the top contenders. At first touch, the leather feels very conditioned, and holding it in the hand is incredibly comfortable. You will notice from every seam of the case that Alto takes pride in their craftsmanship. You won't find ripples in the leather around the corners; instead, you see very smooth seams and every aspect of the case is precision-manufactured, inside and out.
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