Zamen | زامن
The RiutBag buries a great idea under a ton of padding
The idealist in me wants to be able to buy everything from small companies and Kickstarter outfits. It's extremely rewarding when you can spend your money with a classic family business like Grado or a young startup like Peak Design and help to support good ideas while obtaining a benefit for yourself. But the reality is that most good ideas fail to live up to their conceptual greatness — and that's where the RiutBag "reverse backpack" lands. Initially funded on Kickstarter and the subject of a lovely founder story, the RiutBag is full of unfulfilled feel-good promise.I admit to being charmed by the "why isn't everyone doing this" simplicity of the RiutBag's conceit: it strips all zippers and openings from the rear of the bag and puts them on the side with the straps on, facing the wearer. This leaves a neat and tidy appearance on the exterior, but more importantly secures all your gear against clandestine ingress by strangers. As a regular flier and a reluctant commuter on London's underground, I love the low-tech security afforded by the RiutBag; it's like automatic padlocks are kicking in every time you toss this thing on your shoulders.
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