Zamen | زامن
'Dungeon Rushers' Merges Turn-Based Strategy With Level Creation, Launching February 2017
Mi-Clos Studios have forged a reputation releasing for high-quality, atmospheric games on the App Store over the years, with Out There: Omega Edition [$4.99] being one of our favourite titles of 2014 (and the later 2015 revamp solidifying such glowing praise). As a result, anything with the Mi-Clos moniker immediately grasps my attention - the recently announced Antioch: Scarlet Bay has definitely piqued my interest, but it's the upcoming iOS port of Dungeon Rushers that has made me particularly excited for what 2017 has in store for gamers on the App Store. Dungeon Rushers - which already released on Steam back in September - combines turn-based strategy with dungeon crawling elements, sprinkled with a whole host of classic RPG tropes such as epic exploration across a whole host of environments and extensive customisation options, and should be releasing on iOS in February of next year. If the launch trailer is anything to go by, Dungeon Rushers should certainly be worth the wait.
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