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Apple patent granted for ‘Sports EarPods' with biometrics and gesture-based controls
Apple's delayed wireless AirPods may not be the only new earphones the company has in the works. A patent originally dating back to 2008 but only published today describes what seems a logical next step for a company increasingly focused on health and fitness: a sports earphone.The patent describes two types of functionality, one geared to gathering biometric data to provide fitness data, the other allowing gesture-based control of an iPhone …As is usual with patents, the language is broad enough to cover all the bases, describing everything from built-in headphone sensors to a separate monitoring system that can be attached to headphones while exercising and removed afterwards, but an integrated unit would seem the more Apple-like approach. Apple notes that the headphones may be wired or wireless.On the monitoring side, Apple describes the idea as being a logical extension of Nike shoe sensors.
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