Zamen | زامن
This Week's 'Hearthstone' Brawl Is all About 22 Copies of a Card You Pick
We've played with Portals, we've played with Spiders, and now we'll get to play with 22 copies of the same card. This week's Hearthstone [Free] Brawl is called All-Star Squad, and it's been around before. You pick a class, and then pick one card and get 22 copies of it in your deck. The other 8 cards will be random class cards. Get ready to face many aggro decks during this week because they are the easiest way to take advantage of the 22 identical cards. For instance, you can have a Hunter and Timber Wolf, which will let you buff cards but can also be taken out easily. Or you could go with Murloc Tidecaller to go for that Murloc buffing synergy.
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