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'1949 EndWar' Is an Upcoming Spiritual Sequel to Capcom's '1942', and Has a Plane Awesome Teaser Trailer
While it may be something of an unknown quality to some of the younger readers here, the 194x series by Capcom is beloved by many for being home of some classic 80s shoot-em-up titles. However, its reputation on iOS is far from stellar - even those with the strongest rose-tinted glasses found it difficult to look past the dated graphics and apocalyptic controls of the now defunct 1942: First Strike and the original 1942 on the Capcom Arcade. Smallthing Games obviously noticed this dearth of quality of a series that really should be perfectly suited to mobile devices, and have flown in to attempt to fix its legacy - enter 1949 EndWar. Being a spiritual sequel to 1942, the developers have stuck closely to the aesthetic design of the original while attempting to bring the game into 2016 with responsive controls and substantial gameplay elements which, from the official teaser trailer, look mightily impressive in action.
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