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Mossberg: Running Windows 10 and macOS Sierra together
I'm writing this paragraph in Word for Windows on Windows 10. The process is as smooth as you'd expect on PC hardware built for Windows, with no hesitation or freezing, and all the features are enabled. But I'm not using a Windows PC; I'm using a three-year-old MacBook Air. And I haven't had to give over the Air entirely to Windows. Instead, I'm running Windows 10 and its apps concurrently with the brand-new macOS Sierra. For instance, the Windows version of Word is running in its own window, right alongside open Mac apps, including Apple Mail and Safari.I'm doing this all with the new version of a 10-year-old program, Parallels Desktop, from a Seattle-area company of the same name, which came out last month for $80. It's faster and smoother than ever, and has some new tricks, including a new Mac utility suite that's also sold separately.With ParalleIs Desktop, I can hop back and forth between Sierra and Windows 10 — and even between individual apps — with ease. I just copied and pasted the paragraph above into Apple's proprietary Notes app, exactly as I could from a native Mac app. And I wrote this sentence in Notes and copied and pasted it back into the Windows version of Word. Then I copied and pasted the whole thing again from Word for Windows into Google Docs running in Safari natively on the Mac.
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