Zamen | زامن
The pros and cons of smartwatches
I loved the wearable category. And I still do... Sort of. Let's define a "smartwatch": For argument's sake, I'm defining the term as anything that functions like a watch, but needs to be recharged. It's a broad definition, I grant you, but it works for the most part. Apple Watch is a smartwatch; a Timex or a Rolex is not. Now let's define what Smartwatches aren't: watches. They're more like little computers, running an OS and using Apps but living on my arm instead of my pocket. They're also not timeless. My Omega Seamaster was passed on to my son, just like my father passed it on to me. My Breitlings have passed to my sons as well. My Apple Watch, however, will be recycled once the battery can no longer hold a charge. Despite this, I'm still a fan of smartwatches — but I also understand why they haven't cracked the true mainstream.
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