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RPG Reload Developer Spotlight 001 - Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games
As mentioned in last month's RPG Reload roadmap, we're going to be taking one column out of every month to interview some of the developers and publishers behind some of our favorite games. The aim here is for you readers to get a sense of the person, so the tone is more conversational than we usually use in interviews here at TouchArcade. It's also not necessarily about the games themselves, either. Basically, we'll kick off and see where the conversation takes us. To start this series, Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games has graciously agreed to be the guinea pig. Crescent Moon is perhaps most famous for the Ravensword [$6.99] series of RPGs, but they publish all kinds of games, including the recent Legend of the Skyfish [$2.99] and Atomic Super Lander [$2.99].For this transcript, Josh's words will be bolded, while mine will be in regular text. And now, for the feature presentation.
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