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'Skyhill' Review - Flights of Fear
Zombie titles really need to innovate more-so than a lot of other types of games these days. The market is just so saturated that the mere notion of "survival" itself just isn't enough, and there at least needs to be an interesting hook involved beyond the solitary concept of continuing to exist. Skyhill [$2.99] does that, even if the magic doesn't last as long as the developers intended it to.Okay so the creatures in Skyhill aren't traditional zombies (they're more like mutants), but it's close enough. After waking up at the top of a 100 floor hotel 28 Days Later style, your job is to get to the bottom and escape after your supplies are low. Enter the aforementioned interesting idea mixed with a side order of roguelike. Slowly but surely you'll make your way to the bottom, forging your own story in the process and constantly doing battle. You might only make it several floors before getting worn out, with no food left, and no items, so be warned if you're not into that kind of challenge.
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