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iPhone 7 review roundup: the verdicts are in, and they are mixed
Most iPhone reviews are fairly predictable, because what's not to like about a new iPhone? There will always be features people wished Apple had added that it didn't, of course, but the new iPhone is always significantly better than the model it replaced. For the first time, that isn't exclusively true.The main issue, of course, is the one everyone's been talking about for months: the loss of the headphone socket. Apple may have planned to leak that change a long way in advance; it may have made a good case for the change; and it may have done its best to make the transition as painless as possible by tackling both the pairing and battery-life barriers to wireless headphones through the new W1 chip in AirPods and Beats headphones – but it does remain a downside of the new phones, and one which reviewers discuss.But it's not the only complaint reviewers have about the iPhone 7, with two other issues raised by many …
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