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'High Risers', an Upcoming Platformer From the Developers of 'Duet', Is Looking for Beta Testers
Despite the fact their library of App Store games isn't particularly extensive, Kumobius Games have created a strong reputation for simple yet brilliant experiences that could only have been made for a device like the iPhone. While Time Surfer [$0.99] and the original Bean's Quest [$2.99] were arcade classics, it was Duet [$2.99] that made waves amongst the iOS community and more casual gamers alike, receiving critical acclaim in our review, and recognition from Apple as one of the best apps of 2013. Sadly, we haven't heard much from Kumobius since 2014's stunning Bean Dreams [$2.99], however that has today changed, as the developers have announced on our forums a new free to play platformer called High Risers, and are looking for beta testers to try out this interesting take on the auto runner genre.
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