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Quick Review: You probably shouldn't buy this awesome MacBook Pro MagSafe 2/ 5-port USB Charger
After a lot of abuse, my MacBook Pro's 85W MagSafe 2 adapter finally died last week. Often Apple adapters fray at joints and this one did to an insane degree but somehow it kept working for 3 years through tons of travel, work and even some fun.So what to do? Typically I'd buy a new Apple Magsafe 2 adapter. But clearly Apple has some redesigned MacBook/Pro/Airs coming later this month and they will likely be charged via USB-C, at least in some cases. So that means I only need MagSafe to power this 2013 MacBook Pro for at least a few more weeks before it gets relegated to backup machine, kid's computer or sold off when I get Apple's new OLED/USB-C creation.So I thought I'd get a little creative and save a few bucks at the same time. As I was looking for options on Amazon, I came across an interesting product: The “BND 85W MagSafe 2 Replacement Power Adapter Charger w/ 5 USB Ports for Apple MacBook Pro”. For less than half the price of a discounted $77 Apple MagSafe Adapter this $37 charger includes 5 USB ports and gets solid 4.3/5 star reviews. What the heck, I'll give it a try…A week in, all is well. It shipped quick in easy to open packaging and the product feels solid. My 2013 15″ Retina MacBook Pro charges just as fast as it did with the Apple MagSafe 2 adapter and I'm able to keep a number of USB devices plugged in even when my MacBook isn't around. Keep in mind that this thing only directs 4.5A of power to the USB section which means even though this thing has 5 ports, you will only be able to Fast charge about 2 USB devices at a time.The MacBook charger which plugs in via a dedicated 4.5A x 19V = 85.5W port doesn't slow down and is on a different circuit from the USB ports.
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