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Sony's beautiful OLED 4K TVs launch in April starting at $5,000
Sony's beautiful OLED 4K HDR TVs, among the standouts of this year's CES, will launch in April for prices starting at $4,999.99 for the 55-inch model. Preorders begin today. Aside from the centerpiece gorgeous OLED panel (almost certainly sourced from LG), the other special thing about the A1E lineup is the way these sets deliver audio. Sony calls it Acoustic Surface sound system; in short, sound seems to emanate directly from the display itself rather than traditional speakers build into the sides or underneath the screen. Around back is the TV's easel (there's no regular stand that attaches to the bottom) that contains a subwoofer and all ports / cable management. Four HDMI, if you're counting. The easel can be folded in flush against the TV for wall mounting.
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