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Apple's retail SVP Angela Ahrendts drops ‘online stores' from title
Apple today updated its executive profiles webpage to remove mention of “online stores” from retail chief Angela Ahrendts' bio, reflecting a recent change to the executive's official title. Ahrendts' new title is, simply, Senior Vice President Retail.It appears the new title is a cosmetic change for its retail branding rather than a change in roles for Ahrendts. It's my understanding that the title change is to better reflect Angela's role that merges both retail stores and online retail operations, and not a result of any shift in responsibilities. Her updated bio still notes that she is responsible for “strategy, real estate & development, and operations of Apple's physical stores, Apple's online store and contact centers.”It seems likely the change could be part of an overall revamping of the company's retail store branding. In August, Apple started removing the word “store” from its “Apple Store” retail listings, now referring to store locations as, for instance, “Apple Union Square” and “Apple Fifth Avenue”.Apple still refers to the “Apple Store” a few places on its website, and for its Apple Store iOS app, but those seem to be the last two things it will have to change to drop “store” entirely from its retail branding after the title change for Ahrendts.Ahrendts first joined Apple from her role as Burberry CEO in May of 2014 as the company's Senior Vice Present of Retail and Online Stores, overseeing both its physical Apple retail locations and online store through and the Apple Store iOS app. She became the highest paid female executive in the US through stocks and bonuses after starting her new position that year.
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