Zamen | زامن
This tweak shrinks and relocates the Lock screen's date and time indicator
A few years ago, a popular jailbreak tweak called SubtleLock rearranged some of the Lock screen's information pieces to reduce their visual footprint and put more emphasis on the wallpaper you've chosen. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, it hasn't been updated for iOS 10. Despite the lacking support for those who have recently jailbroken iOS 10 with Yalu, users can now flock to an alternative: a jailbreak tweak called SimpleLSiOS10 by XCXiao. This tweak carries on the minimalist legacy SubtleLock started and never finished. Although the tweak isn't a carbon copy of SubtleLock, it does feature similar aesthetics in that it relocates the Lock screen's clock and date information into the top left corner rather than being in the top center as it would be on a stock device. SimpleLSiOS10 does differ slightly from SubtleLock because it puts everything in the same corner, while SubtleLock divided the time and date by placing them each of them on opposing corners. Nevertheless, the look and feel of SimpleLSiOS10 is undoubtedly very similar. It's worth noting that SimpleLSiOS10 makes your iPhone or iPod touch's Lock screen look a lot like the iPad's whenever it's in landscape mode. To better illustrate what I mean by that, just take a peek at the stock iPad Lock screen (landscape mode) below:
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