Zamen | زامن
Review: A Made-for-iPhone 7 battery case w/ headphone jack, Lightning port, Qi-wireless charging & a built-in stand
This iPhone case launching on Indiegogo today is one of the first Apple certified, made-for-iPhone cases that adds a 3.5mm headphone jack back to your iPhone 7. It's a battery case that connects to your device with a built-in Lightning connector, and it also has a female Lightning port to charge the battery using your iPhone's charging cable. On top of being one of the first cases to offer audio over Apple's Lightning connector to facilitate the 3.5mm headphone jack, the model I reviewed also included Qi-wireless charging.A competitor announced a crowdfunding campaign for a similar product a few months back, but this is the first actual production sample we've been able to go hands-on with. And the iStand case packs in a few other tricks including a built-in stand and, as mentioned above, one model that offers Qi-wireless charging via a dock the company also sent over for review.
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