Zamen | زامن
Comment: Sure, AirPods delay is disappointing, but a premature release would have way worse effects
Earlier today, Apple somewhat surprisingly announced that its truly wireless AirPods won't be available this month like it had originally announced. This announcement was a bit out of character for Apple, as the company admitted that the product simply isn't ready for primetime just yet. While on the surface it seems like bad news for Apple that the AirPods are delayed, it was likely a smart move by the company for the long run… Over recent years, Apple has been met with criticism that its products and services have become less refined than they once were, putting Steve Jobs' ‘it just works' mantra up for debate. For instance, Apple Music has been met with a mixed reaction due to inconstancies throughout the user interface, while even long-time pro-Apple reporters like Walt Mosseberg have started to point out that Apple seems to have lost – in some form or another – its attention to detail. Apple's move to delay the AirPods release, and publicly admit to it, is notable for a few reasons. Though it's not the first time Apple has delayed a release, the AirPods delay is much more notable seeing that they are an obvious companion to the iPhone 7, which of course lacks a headphone jack.
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