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Twitter starts censoring profiles that publish potentially sensitive content
Twitter recently introduced several features in its mobile app that give users the option to filter out anonymous and “egg” accounts, as well as mute words, phrases, mentions and hashtags in their timelines (be sure to read our tutorial for step-by-step instructions on the new filtering options). In its continuing mission to fight trolls on the service, the company is taking additional steps to make the platform a safer place, as Mashable reported Friday. In a nutshell, the service has now begun censoring profiles that post “potentially sensitive” content even if the implementation seems a bit heavy-handed at the moment. To save you from stumbling upon unsafe content, Twitter now provides the following notice on censored profiles: “Caution: This profile may include sensitive material. You're seeing this warning because they tweet sensitive images or language.” The prompt requires you to click on “Yes” to view the censored profile. As you can see for yourself, censored profiles appear completely grayed out without any profile or header images, tweets or other information like the bio section and follower counts. This feature is still in testing, and not widely rolled out at this time. Twitter may be slightly overzealous in censoring profiles, however. For instance, analyst Justin Warren's profile was censored for no apparent reason and he wasn't even informed by the company of the block.
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