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Latest Apple Campus 2 stunning drone flyover video shows complete buildings w/solar, landscaping, main atrium
In our latest installment of Apple Campus 2 flyovers, we see that Apple is nearing completion for its 2017 opening. The main structures are almost complete from the outside and trees and fountains and other landscaping are going in. Drone video and high definition stills are below…Note that solar panels line the roofs of almost all of the buildings and parking structures save for the carbon fiber events auditorium and the HVAC-lined R&D building. Apple hopes to make its Campus 2 building self-sustaining, at least during sunny days. It will have other energy producing apparatus on campus including Bloom Energy units. The plan is to use the grid as a backup and to sell excess electricity to the grid through its Apple Energy subsidiaryWe learned a month ago that Apple had pushed back its completion date to the second quarter of 2017 due mostly to landscaping work. That doesn't mean full time employees won't start moving in soon.
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